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Landen Henderson


See, Snapchat is a curse. Once you download it things will get worse. You’re tricked into coming back Trying to snap this and snap that. Man let’s get back on track. It’s dominating teens. We can’t get off our screens. Now it’s getting creepy. Telling people when I’m sleepy. And now with that Snapchat map, people can know where I’m sleeping. Snapchat had an update. And on that update, there was a Snapchat map. The map lets you see everyone you have added. And every

one that has added you can see your location f you open the app. You can essentially be stalked. It’s getting personal. I’m telling people what I’m about to eat for every meal. I need to chill. But I can’t stop. Like I said before, I have to snap this and snap that. And it’s all I want to do and that’s that. All I want to do is Snapchat. Did you know that most teens spend nearly nine hours a day on social media? But they won’t even spend thirty minutes a day to study. We’re not doing what’s best and we really need to rest. So we can wake up and change our ways. You know we’re all addicted to something. It’s our phones. I challenge you to stay off your phone. Don’t even look at your notifications for the rest of the time I’m up here because I want you all to hear. I used to have high blood pressure from sitting around on my phone. Doing the same things every day like I was a drone. Started to think I was alone. Became stressed and depressed. See, that can happen to you. When you don’t interact with people and all you care about is like

s and views. And when they go down, you go down with them. I had a summer job you know. It paid a pretty penny. But I couldn’t stay off of social media, so I couldn’t get any. Now I’m back in school and refusing to let my grades suffer. Studying for days trying to get straight A’s. Turning in homework. I’m gone work.

I was addicted. But unlike you, I learned that I was only hurting myself. Now please give me a trophy so I can put it on my shelf.

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