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What is Black?

As defined by Google, “black is the darkest color, the result of absence or complete absorption of visible light.” Through the eyes of many, black is just a color.

It may represent separation, or evil, an overall negative look. To me, black is more than just a color, black is culture. Aspects of the culture can be seen sprinkled in

American life in a multitude of ways. It can be seen in religion, hip-hop, food…the list goes on. Black is swagger that only a few can have.

To me, black culture isn’t just about the March on Washington, or breaking barriers, or doing the impossible. It is the community, together. When times are tough, we come together and black don’t crack.

Black culture is also about going over the set bars, as did Gabby Douglas, former President Barack Obama, and Sammy Davis Jr. Within the culture, it’s one thing to reach the bar, but it’s another to surpass it. Black is strong, black is powerful, and black don’t crack.

So, what is Black?

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