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One of the most wonderful traits of young people is that you have a fresh mind that is open to explore the world. This trait is natural and forever growing just as long as you stay dreaming and believing. You are the future of our world because you see it with fewer biases than adults and more of what it is, one equal world. Young people, let’s change the dominant narratives we hear all the time that feed into negative stereotypes and forms of injustice. Now is the time to replace these stories with your voices and dreams to give life to the world.

Work with one of our writers to help you craft your own story to share with the world, or submit a story to the Art of Me Publication. It’s time to write the change you seek in the world. Once it’s written, it can speak into the lives of many. But first, someone has to see it, write it, and share it.

Young people, we need to

hear your voices!

Get Started

Work with one of our writers to help you start telling your story. Complete a brief form 


What would you like to change in your local, school, neighborhood, or national community?

Submit Your


Art of Me’s online publication, a space designed to showcase youth stories submitted to us through competitions and programs. We aim to provide young people a platform to hone in on their voice and their power by sharing their stories, unfiltered!

We are accepting stories for our publication on a rolling basis.

Why write?

If you don’t turn your life into a story, you just become a part of someone else’s story.

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