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Content + Film

Creating new media that reflects the lives of youth in our communities to inspire change.

Stream This! It centers on a technology-obsessed 13 year-old-kid named Corey, his ailing grandfather George, George’s brother Harold, his wife Theresa, and several neighborhood kids. Through the power of a rotary phone and birthday cake wishes, they find themselves in the element of magic, where the past becomes present to enjoy life without technology.


Story by:  Story by: Gary Jackson, Irene Simmons, Elise M. Thomas, Ernest D. Turner, Luadrie Turner, and Clinton Wilson

Directed by Kevin Taylor

Time Out

A high school athlete who struggles with mental health seeks peace. When his struggles impact others the city realizes a change must be made for him and his peers. 

Story by:  Jalen Cater

Directed by Carl Walton II


The Effects.PNG
The Effects

The Effects is a film about Rosa, a teen, who is forced to decide when her father, Hector, a hard-working Guatemalan, is threatened with deportation. 


Written by Rosemary Gramajo Quiñones from Facing History and Ourselves New Tech, Cleveland Metropolitan School District. Rosemary is the 1st contest winner for Art of Me's "What is Power & Community?" story contest. Rosemary's winning story was filmed in her Cleveland community, directed by Mike Berry.

The Unstoppable

Unstoppable is a short story inspired by Julianna's real-life battle with anxiety and how she struggled to express her feelings to her family and friends.


Written by Julianna Greenidge. She wrote the story as part of her 11th grade English assignment.

The Unstoppable.PNG

Lily, an introverted teen, begins questioning her faith in God and her sexuality as she develops a crush on her classmate, Alex. As the two girls become closer and Lily’s feelings develop, she becomes sicker and sicker. After throwing up a flower, she seeks help from her mother, who reveals that she may have inherited a disease called Hanahaki, which is formed out of unrequited love. Lily must choose to remove the flowers and her love for Alex or allow them to consume her.

Written by Lexington Rivera, Brooklyn Collaborative Studies Student.

Directed by Mary Evangelista

Agonizing Harmony

Written by Tanjin Abulrahat, Brooklyn Collaborative Studies student. Special mention to his teacher P-hill Brubler, for helping him with his story.


Agonizing Harmony.PNG
Art of Me’s online publication, a space designed to showcase youth stories submitted to us through competitions and programs. We aim to provide young people a platform to hone in on their voice and their power by sharing their stories, unfiltered! 
Vol. 9_June 2021.png
Volume 9

HIV/AIDS Edition • Highlighting Health  Community Voices

For National HIV Testing Day, Art of Me has put together a collection of resources, interviews with community members, and art to highlight voices and information surrounding HIV/AIDS.

Vol. 8.png
Volume 8

Joy Doesn't Mean Joyful

A heartbreaking story of a young girl's battle with mental health in a digital age. Written by Emily François and Illustrations by Sophia Fukida. 

Vol. 7.png
Volume 7

The Next Generation of Storytellers

This is an online publication published by a non-profit organization, Art of Me. The publication is designed to showcase youth stories that are submitted to us through our writing competition and other writing programs.

The stories include short essays, short stories, photos, poems, and other content pieces written by high school students in under-resourced communities.
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